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What happens after I purchase the strategy?

After you've purchased the strategy, you will receive a confirmation email with some last details. We will set up the strategy for you. This may take 1-2 business days. Once the set-up is finished you will receive a confirmation email and you are ready to go.

Which trading platform do I need for the strategy?

This strategy is designed for the NinjaTrader trading platform only. NinjaTrader offers a FREE platform version where you only pay per contract ($2,84). Click here for the different pricing plans. You can use our strategy with the FREE version as well as with the paid version. NinjaTrader works across devices including PC, Mac or mobile.

What is expected from me?

After you went through the last steps in the confirmation email, you will get an email from us, confirming your strategy is all set up and ready to go. The only action you then need to take, is to switch on the strategy with one mouse click. The strategy has to be activated every day manually.

How much money do I need in my NinjaTrader account?

1 contract on the Russell is $500 USD. We recommend you have a minimum of $900 USD in your trading account. You can always test the strategy on your demo account first, meaning there is no risk involved.

For how long will the strategy work?

This depends on the plan you purchase. If you buy the Russell 2000 Strategy for a lifetime, there is no end date to you use and you have the full ownership over the strategy. The strategy has been through a wide range of tests to measure its consistence performance in all market conditions. You can use the strategy on multiple computers, as long as it is under your account name on NinjaTraders. 

Does the strategy work on FOREX or other indexes?

No. The strategy is designed under very specific rules and circumstances. The Russell 2000 Strategy is solely designed for the Russell 2000 Futures market. 

How many trades per day does the strategy take?

There will be a trade every weekday from Monday till Friday. You can find more about how the strategy works under the performance tab.

Can I use the strategy with a prop firm account?

Yes, you can use the strategy on prop firm accounts. Simply connect the prop firm with your NinjaTrader account and you are good to go.

Do you still have questions? Send us a message via the contact form and we will reply to you within 2 business days.

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